Hadi was born in Denpasar, 22 January 1983, when he was young he got an achievement as Bali swimming athlete. And he start learn about music when he was 17 and his first instrument is an acoustic guitar.

After that he started to learn drums at his church during as a drummer in his church, He also attended the drum course for only one level in GBI Lembah Pujian.



Naya was born in Denpasar, June 26 june  1991, started singing  at 12 years old and then started his music career on 2006.

He joined indie  band and participated many singing competitions. He got many  apreciations from the competitons such as the best singer at singing competition student in bali on 2007, the best singer in singing competition RRI denpasar on 2012, 2013. He joined  GLO on 2014.



Reynard Bai was born in Denpasar, June 25th 1990, started playing guitar at 14 years old and then started his music career on 2008. after learning musical education in one of most well known music institutes in Bali, He joined into an entertainment band (GLO, 2008-2013).

Music has been a part if his life. without leaving his idealism, besides as a band guitarist, covering famous songs, he also a composes of beautiful and inspirational songs and he's pouring out his passing of music in an indi band project.



Leony was born in Jogjakarta on August 5th 1984 and has been studying piano since she was 15 years old.

She studied classic piano in Menorah Music for 3 years. after that she fall in love with Jazz music and decided to study Jazz in Farabi Music school for 2 years.



Michael Benyamin was born and growing in family and community who love music very much.

He begin to work professionaly with local church when he was 16 years old until now, he became a drummer for GBI Lembah Pujian Denpasar and session player in Bali with bassis funk and soul drum rythm. He decide to join with GLO family at 2011 till now.

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